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The Designer & Founder, Cigdem Pacal

The simplicity of basic forms, the power of repetition and a minimal perspective…Çiğdem Paçal embarks on a journey of discovery by combining the visual richness offered by geometry and the simple life philosophy of minimalism in her own design perspective.

Çiğdem studied Visual Communication Design at Sabancı University and started her design journey as an art director in various advertising agencies in Turkey. She is deeply interest in geometry and architecture. Her first attempt to show her creative thoughts with patterns and lines were “wearable” triangular earrings made of plexiglass. With the encouragement of the online sales in America, England and China, she enrolled in the Department of Jewelry Design in New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology. The designer returned to Istanbul in 2017 to establish her own brand. Her constant curiosity towards different techniques and materials motivated her to try different fields in jewelry production. She gained experience in jewelry workshops in Grand Bazaar. She improved her knowledge by observing the centuries-old skills of craftsmen passed down from generation to generation. She brought Pacal Jewelry to life by creating a unique balance between tradition and innovation.

Her deep interest in the functional and mechanical properties of materials allows her to choose the most suitable method in her designs. She uses the repetition of lines creating visual richness that geometry opens up. She gets rid of the unnecessary usage of materials designing refined jewelry with the least amount of material possible. She aims to create designs that are a part of a sustainable life. She doesn’t worry about belonging to any period of time. Hence her collection is timeless and appeals to every age. She uses 14k gold, silver and rhodium combining with diamonds, tourmaline and other semi-precious stones. With its groundbreaking textures, unique casting technique and refined forms, Pacal Jewelry invites you to a new sense of style.

Pacal Jewelry is currantly offered to jewelry lovers in concept stores Midnight, Mysabella, Normaillot, Mae Zae and Hipicon.


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