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How to Take a Good Care of Your Timeless Treasure

Your Silver Treasure

Your silver treasure is plated in gold and rhodium to prevent any tarnish. Here are some care tips that will keep your treasure last the longest.

  • If your silver treasure is tarnished the best way to clean it is with a jewelry polishing cloth. Make sure to clean it regularly to avoid the build up tarnish.
  • We know you take good care of yourself.  But don’t forget to give the same care to your treasure. Take them off before putting any cosmetics, hairspray or lotion.
  • The moist in the air can tarnish silver, so keep your treasure in its pouch or jewelry box.
  • We know you love sun, swimming, sun screen, the smell of the coconut lotion and a good bath after. Give your treasure a good rest in its box while enjoying your time.

Your Gold Treasure

We know you’ll love your gold jewelry so much that you’ll wear them everyday. Thanks to the universe your gold treasure will not tarnish or discolor. But maintanence is still important to keep your gold treasure sparkling. Here are your golden steps:

  • Be mindful where and where you wear your gold treasure.  If you’re playing sports, swimming or doing aerobic activities, it’s time for your gold treasure to sit in its pouch. They sure don’t want to get lost or damaged.
  • Let your gold treasure rest while you keep yourself busy with house cleaning products. Chlorine is no good for your gold treasure. 
  • Get fully ready first and then put on your gold treasure.  Lotion, perfumes, makeup and hairspray can take your treasure’s shine away. 
  • It’s natural to have build up grime in time. Give your gold treasure a nice warm bath with additive free soap. Go deeper and clean it with very soft brush for an extra shine. Dry gently with a soft cloth. 
  • When you’re not wearing them, your gold treasure enjoys resting in its pouch. 

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